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Voting the unpredictable – New rules are coming (Deutsche Version)                                                                                            […]

How hot plates became a symbol of rebellion to a woman (Deutsche Version)                                                                 Maria Smettan 2015 I am a woman and I hate it, […]

Those knowing much are idiots Boarische Version, Hochdeutsche Version trails of thoughts, Maria Smettan 2014 The Bavarian version is the original one. The text for the English version is inserted digitally.

9 years 2014 Because of you I’ve laughed and shed some tears, But has it really been nine years? I can remember when I fell for you. Since when you’ve always been just right on queue. You’ve opened up an entertaining world for me to get some rest from my reality. But „entertaining“ on itself […]

In English & auf Deutsch One Database Maria Smettan 2013 One database to shield them all One database to find them One database to know them all and in its knowledge bind them.   Eine Datensammlung Maria Smettan 2013 Eine Datensammlung sie alle zu schützen, Eine Datensammlung sie zu finden, Eine Datensammlung sie alle zu […]